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Doing vs. Knowing



Doing, what we do, arises out of a set of unconscious processes that comprise the mandala. Being is the way we are, the “core self.” Milieu is where we are, the all-inclusive nature of our unique, particular environment. Seeing isthe way we see the world, a largely unconscious process; what we see is the conscious component arising out of this process. Knowing isthe way we come to know, a largely unconscious process as well. What we know (and think) is its conscious component. Each aspect profoundly affects the others. Seeing affects knowing, which affects being. The way we “are” affects milieu which affects the way we are. What we do arises out of these, filtered somewhat by the threshold of consciousness. In seeking to fulfill its mission, La Terre Integral Center recognizes the affective aspects of the mandala. To change doing, to change what we do, requires changes in aspects of the mandala. Changes in the way we see and come to know the world can change doing, as can changes in the way we “are,” and the milieu itself. The path to a “mode of doing” that may possibly produce viable, sustainable, and perhaps even peaceful human modes of life on Earth can only originate here.

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