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The mission of La Terre Integral Center is to discover and utilize methods for discerning the nature of all human relationships: those between self and the human Other, those between self and the non-human Other, those between self and the godhead: the Wholly Other, and those between self and earth-as-resource, the source of all life. At this stage of Earth evolution, the good life for all beings seems to arise out of the nature of those relationships. Discerning relationships becomes enhancing and enriching them and through that process we ostensibly begin to become fully human and attain humanness. Through that process we might attain a profound sense of happiness in life-lived, from nadir-low to zenith-high. Through that process we might create and grow human niches-milieus within which humans and their non-human neighbors can thrive. Through that process we might begin to attain a viable, sustainable, and perhaps even peaceful human mode of life on Earth. It all begins, though, with the individual and a path with heart. That’s the starting point. What path could be better? What path could be more worthy of giving a life to?

​ Note the Mandala of Being below. It cannot be overstated that every aspect of the mandala and Doing too, which arises out of the mandala, affects all other aspects.




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