Founded in 1989 as La Terre Foundation. In 1990 it was incorporated as a non-profit corporation that morphed into La Terre Bioregional Center, Inc. in 1995. Synopsis of original mission was to seek viable models for non-violent and sustainable human lifestyles. Early focus of work was to reach youth. Programs/projects included:

LA TERRE QUEST. A five day wilderness quest that combined wilderness life with adventure, lore and ritual, challenges, and an exploration of self.

EARTH EDUCATION programs to teach human ecology, providing an overview of the causes of the environmental crisis and possible methods for mitigation. 

OUTDOOR LEARNING CENTERS and interpretive trails at schools, parks, and forests to facilitate the teaching of earth education.

KIDS BETWEEN SUN AND EARTH as a day-treatment program for at-risk youth.

LA TERRE DEEP ECOLOGY WEEKEND. A weekend wilderness program utilizing experiential activities and heuristic techniques to foster an earth connection.














The most recent articulation is as La Terre Integral Center. Primary focus of education work moves to adults. Incorporation as a non-profit and tax-exempt corporation (501c.3) projected for 2015. Projected mission: to discover and utilize methods for discerning and enhancing the nature of all human relationships in order to facilitate the thriving of all sentient Earth beings and ostensibly, through that process, begin to attain a viable, sustainable, and peaceful human mode of life on Earth.




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