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The Alchemy of Mythic Enactment 5. Enacting a Human Niche

Date: TBA.  10AM – 6PM. Facilitator: James Inabinet, PhD.  Cost: $25 Enacting a Human Niche extends the mythos of niche by developing actual skills for creating niche, seeking optimum modalities–where and how it CAN go.  This requires situating oneself within a prospective niche including considerations of history and place.  historical considerations include situating oneself within personal origins (family history) and the origins of the entire cosmos (big history).  Place considerations include the where​ of an individual’s prospective human niche and the overall bioregion within which any place is situated.

The Alchemy of Mythic Enactment 4. A Mythos of Niche

Date: TBA.  10AM – 6PM. ​Facilitator: James Inabinet, PhD.  Cost: $25 Mythos of Niche enables discerning rudiments of the shifting sands of niche.  niche is contextual, depending on who, where, and when.  Discernment involves analyzing where we have been thrown, where we are as who we are and when.  viewing everything around us from the perspective of “gift” facilitates discerning and enacting various modes of comportment for places.

The Alchemy of Mythic Enactment 3. Mythos of Becoming: Masks of Comportment

Date: TBA.  10AM – 6PM.   ​Facilitator: James Inabinet, PhD.  Cost: $25 A series of exercises that enables one to begin the discernment of a fully-human path, one to be enacted by walking it.  Exercises facilitate the development of the feeling-function, a non-sensory mode of perception indispensable for discerning a personal path with heart,  a ways and means for enacting humanness by acting spontaneously vis-a-vis the emerging future.

The Alchemy of Mythic Enactment 2. Mythos of Being: Shield-Making

Date: TBA.  10AM – 6 PM. ​Facilitator: James Inabinet, PhD.  Cost: $25 Shield enables one to codify and chart gifts, intelligences, and deeply-held predilections that point to a unique series of character archetypes, to be discerned and strategically placed onto visual Shield pattern.  When appropriately used, the shield provides a clearing for authenticity that can only arise when you know you.

The Alchemy of Mythic Enactment 1. Mythos of the Past: Winter Count.

Date: TBA.  10AM – 6PM.  Facilitator: James Inabinet, PhD.  Cost: $25 Winter Count enables increased freedom from patterned behaviors of the personal past, behaviors that have inexorably led to the personal now.  by discerning and re-feeling significant past moments, a necessary “clearing-away” may leave room to enact new,  more harmonious, comportment behaviors.

Workshop Rationale

A HUMAN NICHE IS A PLACE THAT FACILITATES A FLOWERING OF THE FULLNESS OF HUMANNESS. A place that facilitates me becoming fully “me,” in my wholeness. More than just a place, it necessarily includes the Other, many Others.Ensconced in such a rich, varied environment, i might emanate humanness–with joy! In forests, squirrels spontaneously create niches.  How do they know how? How can I come to know how?​​ “WHO” IS ENSCONCED IN THIS NICHE? IS IT ME? WHO IS THAT? What is it like to become, to feel wholly, authentically me?  Squirrels are naturally authentic, spontaneously enacting a series of behaviors that lead to squirrelness.  How does a squirrel become squirrel? How can I become human in that way? AUTHENTICITY AND NICHE-MAKING ARE ARRIVED AT THROUGH ONE ACTIVITY. As with squirrels, that ONE activity should be spontaneous and natural. Ubiquitous in squirrels, it seems rare in humans. That ONE activity arises out of a relationship with place.  Ever-changing relationships that can never be reduced to a formula that can be taught or learned. That ONE activity is a function of behavior.  Not any behavior, but those in agreement, in conformity, in harmony with place, …