Earth Circle Exhibit

The Earth Circle Exhibit is a traveling art exhibit consisting of twelve artworks, each mounted on a two meter standing frame that connect to form a circle of art. Each piece has been developed under the influence of a theme of the ecological crisis. This theme and an artist’s statement about the theme appear on the standing frame below the artist’s work. Participants view each piece of art and its underlying theme in succession. Through viewing the exhibit vis-à-vis the artist statements it is hoped that participants may derive a better sense of the nuances of the ecological crisis and, by seeing the crisis in a novel way, novel ways of thinking may be elicited and a better sense of everyone’s ultimaterole in the crisis and its possible mitigation may arise.

The exhibit utilizes art as a pedagogical medium, designed to produce “affective domain-based” learning outcomes, a deeper sense of “felt-knowing” that extends beyond traditional cognitive-based, primarily mental, pedagogical outcomes. Felt knowing speaks to the imagination. The first theme of the exhibit is its overarching theme: “Art is not a mirror of reality, but a hammer with which to shape it (Bertolt Brecht).” Ostensibly the exhibit uses art not merely as a medium to reflect upon experienced reality but to become an active force for eliciting changes in it. Through viewing, reflecting upon, and participating in the microcosmic earth circle exhibit it is hoped that a change in the macrocosm, the overall world as experienced, may be effected through the changing attitudes and sensibilities of each participant.

The Twelve Themes-Artists-Media:“Art is not a mirror of reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” (B. Brecht) Nita Posey Jones/Hand Molded Paper

The Earth is Finite.
Wes Koon/Etched Flash Glass

The Diversity of Life.
Margaret Inabinet/Quilted Fabric

The Earth Works in Circles.
Chris Torgersen/Molded Wood Sculpture

When Humanity Overloads Systems.
Thomas Toups/Black/White Photograph

Recycle, Precycle, and Reuse.
Vicki Lever/Collage of Found Items

Minimize and Conserve.
Elizabeth Veglia/Tile Mosaic

An Analysis of Needs.
Tony Eccles/Oil Painting

“Money has nothing to do with happiness.” (M. Phillips).
Nancy McCardle/Molded Clay

Diversity in Culture.
Kat Fitzpatrick/Oil Painting

Spirituality in Ecology.
James Inabinet/Handwoven Tapestry-Sculpted Clay

Hope and Responsibility.
Alexander Brown/Carved Wood

The Earth Circle Exhibit was partially funded with a RAP grant administered by the New Orleans CAC and provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation. Additional funding was provided by La Terre Bioregional Center.

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