La Terre Integral Center is currently engaged in research. The three loci are: Waldenism, Living Associations, and a Bioregional Assay. Research is directed at the central problems of the day: becoming fully human, sustainability, and the creation of human niches: contexts within which humans and their non-human associates thrive. The facilitating of thinking out of the box is the central theme that connects the research.   

WALDENISM is a research effort focused on assaying human needs as needs and developing viable responses to them under the auspices of enriching relationships with “place”and the ostensible development of simple and sustainable Western lifestyle options and the creation of human niches.

LIVING ASSOCIATIONS is a research effort that probes into the existence of “mind” as extensive (G. Bateson, H. Maturana, F. Varela, C. G. Jung, et al), beyond the confines of individual brains. In addition research probes into the ostensible emergence of group minds or “folk souls” (R. Steiner, C. Bache, C. G. Jung, M. L. von France, et al). The culmination of the research probes into the strengthening of these “collective minds” to facilitate an expansion of consciousness (P. Teilhard de Chardin), an expansion of individual and group mental acuity, and creative, imaginative thinking.

of the Coastal Plains and Piney Woods Bioregion is an on-going, all-inclusive assay of the ecology and development of the two southernmost bioregions of the Gulf Coast, USA as a series of intimately connected ecosystems. Research includes its biotic and abiotic matrix, the geological, natural, and human history of the region, and the possibilities of inhabiting it sustainably.


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