Vision Quest

Offered by: La Terre Integral Center on Rue La Terre north of Kiln, Mississippi


Offered:                     VISION QUEST #38 (since 1989).
Dates:                        May 20-24, 2015
                                     Note: Custom dates can be scheduled for groups of 4 to 8.
                                     Deadline to enroll: May 9, 2015.
Facilitator:                James Inabinet, PhD
Site:                           A mixed species forest along creeks in south Mississippi.
Cost:                         $250 – $400 (sliding scale).  Food and shelter provided for 5 days.










In indigenous societies some form of VISION QUEST was enacted as a self-defining experience, a rite of passage that initiated and propelled a life-long journey along a “path” to articulate and become that person one already is.  In the midst of passing a threshold a person purposely challenged him/herself by going into the wilderness to lament for a vision, a vision that may provide clues for becoming that innate person.  This vision, or image, or insight, if effective, provided intimations of a framework upon which to grow an organic path into the future.  Today’s seeker might ask:  What does it mean to be human, to be human in my particular way?  A squirrel, for instance, in being and doing squirrel emanates a sense of squirrelness.  How might I emanate humanness as effortlessly and completely as this squirrel emanates squirrelness?

The QUEST begins in a natural setting, a necessary escape from mundane concerns and time, a “slowing down” that facilitates the discernment and development of relationships between self and Other, self and spirit, self and world.  Within a container of “sacred space” tools are provided that aid the seeker in discerning and developing these relationships, tools that help turn the gaze upon oneself, tools that help the seeker articulate a personal mythology, a coming-to-know oneself in relation to the past and present.  Even as weakness and strengths of the present and past are confronted soberly and clearly, the gaze inevitably turns towards the future and a possible strategy that might minimize the former while accentuating the latter.

​The QUEST culminates in a final confrontation with self in a night-long vision quest which ostensibly completes the initial transformation while facilitating discernment of an authentic path with heart.  A Yaqui shaman once said: “For me there is only the traveling on paths that have a heart, on any path that may have a heart.  There I travel.  And the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its whole length.  There I travel … looking … looking … breathlessly.”  Merely embarking upon such a path facilitates the recognition of “world-given” clues for enacting one’s personal myth, clues that enable one to spontaneously create life in a deliberate and conscious manner.  Such a heart path leads to humanness, to a fully lived life, to sublime possibilities for savoring each moment that one fully becomes a human being.  We are all on a journey to discover ourselves and our inherent purpose.  Some of us feel more directed than others and too often that makes all the difference in living a rich, full life of realized potential—or not.  The Quest provides the tools; the place provides a locus of discernment; a path with heart beckons.  How will you answer?  This is the vision quest.  Join us.

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